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An illustration based on the (creepy) fairy tale of Thumbelina


armor appreciation (3/?)




oh man this one really got me.


Got off the plane from LA and straight into a photoshoot with @thejinkx @bendelacreme and @peaches_christ #sleepwhenurdead


Got off the plane from LA and straight into a photoshoot with @thejinkx @bendelacreme and @peaches_christ #sleepwhenurdead


Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version)






Students participating in a new photo campaign are challenging stereotypes, including those about LGBT people. Check out the photos. 

Can we talk about the only one that was obviously bi was like “don’t call me a lesbian!!1”

^^^ :(

AND then people wonder why lesbians don’t trust bisexual women…

look at quick so many of us are to distance ourselves from our sisters.

Smh Lesbophobia is another form of internalized misogyny ya know.

#KillThatShit #SmashThePatriarchyWithYourSISTERS

what about dating a woman but not identifying as a lesbian is lesbophobic?? like….bi/pansexuality is a thing that involves same-sex relationships im confused abt why you’re upset

I’m bi and I don’t want to identify myself as a lesbian. Here’s why: I’ve found so many people, both gay and straight, that try to limit my sexuality to one binary or the other. I’m proud that I’m bisexual and I want people to know that its a legitimate sexuality. Bisexuals actually face a lot of discrimination from within the LGBTQ community, and many people don’t even believe that it truly exists. It does and I’m proud to be bi. When I’m dating a guy it doesn’t make me straight, and when I’m dating a woman it doesn’t make me strictly lesbian. Simple as that. Please don’t overreact.


Valar Morghulis, 2014


This illustration follows the path of Arya in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I wanted to chronicle all of the death that she has encountered on her journey. I’ve included every target on her list and every person that she has killed. For every mark who is dead, I’ve included how they died in some small way (The Tickler’s many stab wounds, the bite marks on Weese, etc). 

The burning holdfast in the bottom half of the illustration represents the attack on the nights watch by Ser Amory’s men in A Clash of Kings. The towers burning in the centre represent the Red Wedding at the twins. While these events were pivotal in Arya’s journey, I felt that by the fifth book, she no longer allows herself to dwell on the events that have transpired, she is simply overcome by bloodlust for the men who did it. 

The decaying face and the skull both represent the House of Black in White in Braavos. They hint at the masks that Arya now wears. 

This illustration was created as a companion piece to The Things I do for Love.

Prints available.


This is an important moment in history.